Teaching and Pedagogy

This page will include course material and details of my teaching activities at IITM. I teach undergraduate as well as post-graduate (M.Sc.) courses. Even though we have an active Ph.D. programme, we do not have too many courses for our doctoral students.

All pages tagged teaching: This link will let you access various online notes that I have created for various courses over the year.

PH5030 Classical Mechanics

NPTEL Lectures

I gave a set of 39 lectures on Classical Field Theory in 2010 as a part of the Phase II of the NPTEL project that was funded by a generous grant from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.

Lectures on my YouTube Channel

  1. A short introduction to the postulates of quantum mechanics which was aimed at first-year undergraduate students at IIT Madras. These lectures were given during the early days of the pandemic (April-May 2020).
  2. Lectures on Classical Mechanics from a course I gave during July-November 2021.
  3. Coming in 2023 — My 2022 lectures on Statistical Mechanics.

Books (or Promises that I don't keep)

  1. Classical Field Theory — a first course (under preparation) — This book is to appear in the series Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences by the Hindustan Book Agency. It is aimed at M.Sc. students in Physics (in the British/Indian system), Physics majors (in the American system) and Diploma students (in the German system). I hope to bring out the book towards the end of 2008. Here is a link to the pdf file of the proposed table of contents — comments and suggestions are most welcome.
  2. I am also writing a three-volume series on Physics with Prof. V. Balakrishnan and Prof. S. Lakshmibala. The material is based on lectures given at IITM over the years to undergraduates during their first three semesters. No publisher has been identified and we don't have a date for completion! The table of contents will appear soon.
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