PH5100 Quantum Mechanics I

This is the course that I taught during Fall 2019. The class consisted of students from the first-year of the two-year M.Sc. program in Physics as well as the third-year of the five-year dual degree program in Physics at IIT Madras.

I followed a strict 3 lectures + 1 tutorial session. I ended up creating 14 problem sets in all.

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 || Problem Set 2 || Problem Set 3 || Problem Set 4 || Problem Set 5 ||
Problem Set 6 || Problem Set 7 | Problem Set 8 || Problem Set 9 || Problem Set 10 ||
Problem Set 11 || Problem Set 12 || Problem Set 13 || Problem Set 14 ||

Some links

Stern and Gerlach: How a Bad Cigar Helped Reorient Atomic Physics History of the Stern-Gerlach experiment.

Wave function collapse vs the ensemble picture (Must see video) This video shows how these two views can co-exist!

Illustrating the variational method This is my class lecture typed up.

Official Course Syllabus

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