My Races

The following is a log of timed races that I have participated in.


S. No. Date Event Results Comments URL
1. Apr 24, 2016 Chennai Express 5K 25:41 (Part of Relay event — team finished 7/97) Link to Result
2. Apr 30, 2017 Chennai Runners 5K Time Trial 25:28 Finished 10/75 Link to Result
3. Jun 17, 2018 Chennai Runners 5K Time Trial 24:23 Finished 21/203 Link to Result

My current 5K PB is 23:24 done in training during September 2018.


S. No. Date Event Results Comments URL
1. Nov 6, 2011 MARG Chennai Runners 10K run 53:00 (my first timed race)
2. Dec 2, 2012 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 50:51 Link to Result
3. May 17, 2015 TCS World 10K Bangalore 55:44 Poor timing due to a niggle! Link to Result
4. Oct 9, 2016 UNIS Inner Strength 10K 51:32 my best run in a while Link to Result
5. Nov 6, 2016 TeEnduruns Chennai 10K 51:53 Link to Result
6. Feb 25, 2018 Marina Runners Marathon 2018 50:09 (my PB) Link to Result

The 2012 TWCM event was the second year of the Chennai Runners race. The 10K got too crowded and I decided to try to run the HM in 2013 or become a race volunteer. Stock footage for a Tamil movie "Ethir Neechal" (about a Marathon runner) was shot at this event. For some reason unknown to me, the camera focused on me at the start of the race and this made it to the final cut of the movie. That is my 15 seconds of reel fame.

Half Marathon

Auroville Marathon (in Pondicherry) is a no-frills hand-timed event. It is my favourite event. My current best time for the HM was during the Chicago Marathon where I did it in 1:55:41.

S. No. Date Event Results Comments Result URL
1. Dec 1, 2013 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2:12:28 (my first HM) Link to Result
2. Feb 9, 2014 The Auroville Marathon 1:58:30 (my first sub 2h HM)
3. Dec 7, 2014 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2:04:14 Link to Result
4. Feb 8, 2015 The Auroville Marathon 1:56:45
5. Mar 22 2015 The MEPZ run 2:06:45 (paced my friend Venkat) Link to Result
6. Jul 26, 2015 Dream Runners Half Marathon 2:05:22 Link to Result
7. Sep 20 2015 The Kaveri Trail Marathon 2:01:20 Messed up the timing of several runners including mine.
8. Jan 31 2016 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2015 2:05:52 Poor show Link to Result
9. Feb 28 2016 The Marina Runnerz Half Marathon 2016 2:03:18 Link to Result
10. Jul 24, 2016 Dream Runners Half Marathon 2:04:03 Link to Result
11. Sep 11 2016 The Chennai Trail Marathon 2:09:52 I love trail runs.
12. Jan 8 2017 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016 1:58:27 My best time with course distance being correct. Link to Result
13. Feb 26, 2017 Marina Runnerz Marathon 2017 1:56:16 Course was 400m short. Link to Result
14. Mar 5 2017 The MEPZ run 1:57:14 ran with Venkat (again!). Course was 500m short. Link to Result
15. Jul 23, 2017 Dream Runners Half Marathon 2:02:34 There were some timing issues that got sorted out. Link to result
16. Sept 24, 2017 Trichy Half Marathon 1:57:04 Distance was 500m short Link to Result
17. Dec 3, 2017 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 1:54:42 Distance was 400m short according to Garmin data Link to Result
18. Sep 2, 2018 The Kotak Wheelchair Marathon 2:05:33 Struggled due to humidity Link to Result

My current HM PB is 1:53:52 done during a tempo run while training for the 2019 Delhi Marathon!


S. No. Date Event Results Comments URL
1. Oct 8, 2017 The Bank of America Chicago Marathon 4:15:07 HM PB of 1:55:41, 25K PB of 2:18:38 and 30K PB of 2:49:45 Link to Result
2. Feb 24, 2019 IDBI New Delhi Marathon 3:54:42 (my PB) A dream run with almost constant pace of 8:55/mile New PB for 30K in 2:45:20 and 20 miles in 2:57:29: Link to Result

Other Distances/Races

S. No. Date Event Distance Results Comments URL
1. Aug 6, 2017 Jawadhu Hills Ultra 25K 2:39:09 Finished 6th among Veterans and 22nd overall. Managed the uphills well!
2. Feb 18, 2018 Yercaud Hills Ultra 25K 2:56:12 Finished 4th overall. With 700m descent followed by 700m ascent, it is easily the hardest race of my life.
3. Jan 6, 2019 SPCM 2019 20 miles 3:04:18 I did not race this but ran it as a training run for the Delhi FM on Feb 24. Finished 5/59 in my age group. Link to Result
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