Find Your PH1020 Classroom

If your roll no. is not in the list below, contact the course coordinators immediately. Let us also know whether you should be placed in the morning slot or the afternoon slot.

Batch Slot Room Number Roll Nos.
A D2, G2 CRC 201 AE13B001 to AE13B058; BE13B001 to BE13B026; BT08B018, BE12B007 BE12B018, BS12B057
B D2, G2 CRC 202 BE13B027 to BE13B033; BS13B001 to BS13B032; CE13B001 to CE13B045
C D2, G2 CRC 203 CE13B046 to CE13B097; ME13B001 to ME13B033
D D2, G2 CRC 103 ME13B034 to ME13B118
E D2, G2 CRC 204 ME13B119 to ME13B148; NA13B001 to NA13B055
F D1 CRC 202 CH13B001 to CH13B082; ME11B135; MM12B038
G D1 CRC 201 CH13B083 to CH13B091; CS13B001 to CS13B055; EE13B001 to EE13B018; MM12B039; BT11B018
H D1 CRC 103 EE13B019 to EE13B100; EE11B092, BT11B012
I D1 CRC 204 EE13B101 to EE13B118; EP13B001 to EP13B015; MM13B001 to MM13B049; NA12B042; EE12B027
J D1 CRC 203 ED12B049; ED13B001 to ED13B056; EP13B016 to EP13B030; PH13B001 to PH13B011; ED12B016, ED12B049

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