PH5460 Classical Field Theory

This is the homepage for the course PH5460 Classical Field Theory that I am teaching to students at IIT Madras during Fall 2014.


Assignments 25
Best of 2 Quizzes 25
Final 50
Total 100


There will be several graded assignments that will be handed out to the student.

Notes and Handouts

A prelude to SR || Symplectic matrices have det=1 || Equivalences of Lie Algebras || | Finite-Energy Time-Independent Solutions and Derrick's Theorem ||

Interesting Links

The story behind the calculus of variations || Prof. Balakrishnan's Overview Lecture in his NPTEL lectures on Nonlinear Dynamics is a must see!|| Group Theory by J. S. Milne || Semi-Simple Lie Algebras and their Representations by Robert Cahn ||

For the patient student

  • Gross' lectures on abstract algebra at Harvard gives a nice mathematical intro to group theory (and a lot more) and the text is one of my favourite books "Algebra" by M. Artin which I strongly recommend to all budding theoretical physicists.

Official Course Content

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