PH3520 Quantum Physics

This is the homepage for the course PH3520 which I am teaching during Spring 2011 to Physics minors at IIT Madras.

Objectives: This is the second course in the Physics minor stream at IIT Madras. It introduces the students to aspects of quantum mechanics.


Two scheduled quizzes* 13x2 26%
Three surprise quizzes* 13x2 26%
Final 48x1 48%
Total 100%

*Best four out of five quizzes contribute to the grade.


There will be several ungraded assignments that will be handed out to the student.

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Notes and Handouts

A guided tour of quantum mechanics || Two lectures on Special Relativity|| A lecture on variational methods


(Animated gif generated by S. Sivaramakrishnan — click to see animation and read handout 1 to see what it means.)

Online Resources

Read chapters 2 and 3 of Jim Hefferon's free book on Linear Algebra
Prof. Balakrishnan's Resonance Article on the Dirac Delta Function;
Prof. Tan's notes on Fourier Series and Transforms;
Prof. Tan's notes on Hilbert Spaces;
Observe the Gibbs phenomenon in the Fourier Series for the square wave;

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