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I am a theoretical physicist working in the Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM) located in Chennai, India. This site will function as a dynamically changing version (and possibly most up to date) of my official homepage.

My main area of research is in the area of superstring theory with additional interests in quantum field theory and mathematical physics. A better understanding of these topics may be found by looking at the recent papers listed on the arXiv in the areas of hep-th as well as gr-qc and math. My papers are listed on the arXiv(does not include pre-arXiv papers) and INSPIRE (this is a complete listing) as well as Google Scholar(this has links to some unpublished review articles of mine).

I typically teach undergraduates(freshmen/physics minors/engineering physics majors) and post-graduate students(M.Sc. Physics) at IITM. I enjoy teaching and feel that it has helped me become a better scientist.

From Fall 2009, IIT Madras has started a five-year dual degree program in Physics — a student gets two degrees — a B.S. and M.S. in Physics.

IIT Madras has a small but active group of theoretical physicists working in diverse areas of physics. We have a fairly up-to-date website where you can learn more about the group.

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